Tattoo Styles: New School

As the name suggests, New School style is a contemporary take on traditional tattoos. The style emerged in the 1970’s as part of the already growing counter-culture of that time.

Photo Credit: Jason M Tattoos

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Tattoo Styles: Tribal

Throughout history, cultures all over the world have used tattoos as a way to mark membership. The tattoo designs identified a person as belonging to a specific group or tribe. Tribal tattoos were often some of the most personal and meaningful tattoos a person could get.

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Tattoo Styles: Watercolor

Watercolor tattoos, having gained popularity within the past five years, are one of the more controversial tattoo styles among artists.20171111_051053716_iOS

A complete departure from traditional styles; watercolor tattoos lack bold outlines or borders. The style is known for the subtle merging of colors using a variety of techniques like blurs, bleeds, fades, shades and runs.

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Tattoo Styles: Realism

In part 2 of this 8 part series, I will be detailing the history and aesthetics of Realism. Realism, also known as photo-realism, is one of my favorite styles to tattoo.



Although the realism style is relatively new to the tattoo world, it is becoming increasingly popular. Realism work generally consists of portraits but can also include beautiful nature landscapes, animals and everyday objects.  Learn More!

Tattoo Styles: Traditional

This post will be part 1 of an 8 part series discussing the history and aesthetic of the different styles of tattooing. I will be discussing:

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