Tattoo Styles: Watercolor

Watercolor tattoos, having gained popularity within the past five years, are one of the more controversial tattoo styles among artists.20171111_051053716_iOS

A complete departure from traditional styles; watercolor tattoos lack bold outlines or borders. The style is known for the subtle merging of colors using a variety of techniques like blurs, bleeds, fades, shades and runs.

A good watercolor tattoo features bold colors, seamless blending, and will resemble free form or abstract art paintings. The style is controversial because many artists believe the lack of outlines leads to faster fading and distortion over time.

Jessica Paige of writes, “There are certain fundamentals necessary in tattooing in order to create not only a nice tattoo, but a quality tattoo…Black outlining is a fundamental number one.”

Meanwhile, argues, “Simply put, all tattoos fade eventually – even solid black ones. Whilst watercolor tattoos may fade slightly quicker; if the artist does a good job… it shouldn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things as it should be easy enough to touch-up to the well thought out tattoo.”

Because the style is relatively new, there is no conclusive evidence to how well watercolor style tattoos last over 10-20-30 years. It will be interesting to see if the style continues to grow in popularity.

What are your thoughts on watercolor tattoos? Do the tattoos last? Will the trend fade away? Share your thoughts with me!

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