Tattoo Styles: Realism

In part 2 of this 8 part series, I will be detailing the history and aesthetics of Realism. Realism, also known as photo-realism, is one of my favorite styles to tattoo.



Although the realism style is relatively new to the tattoo world, it is becoming increasingly popular. Realism work generally consists of portraits but can also include beautiful nature landscapes, animals and everyday objects. Realism tattoos are typically done in black and gray but can also be seen in full color.

Realism in fine art began in the 1850’s as a response to the previous Romantic period. Realism focuses on common objects and ordinary people. In contrast to the Romantic period, Realism is about artistic accuracy. The end product should look almost like a photograph or 3D object with an emphasis on even the tiniest of details. Realism tattoos lack bold lines in favor of shading and contrast.

A realism tattoo is truly a masterpiece and realism artists must have extreme patience and an eye for detail. If you are looking to get a tattoo in the realism style, please contact me at I’d love to be part of your journey.

You can see samples of my realism work here. I am always adding to my portfolio and IG so be sure to check back often.



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